Q&A with Teresa

Teresa fell in love with Pilates during her first lesson and that passion grew into a dedicated career. She completed a bridge to classical certification at Strong Body and since 2018, has been a treasured member of the teaching team! Check out the following Q&A for insight and inspiration about her teaching journey.   

Teresa Bio Pic

Keion: How did you discover Pilates?

Teresa: I had just turned 50 and I wasn’t in the greatest physical shape, as I planned to be in this body for several more decades I knew I needed to add something. So, I booked a class at a studio down the street from my house, I loved it immediately! I loved the way it made my body and my head feel (I suffer from occasional depression and this made me feel balanced). I dove into a regular practice five times a week.

K: What made you decide to teach Pilates?

T: Forward a few years, my opera career was really slowing down and I needed to do something I was passionate about … so, Pilates! I got certified at the studio where I had been a client. I had no idea how much I would love teaching!!

K: You were already certified to teach Pilates, so what drove you to complete a classical bridge certification? And what made you choose Strong Body Pilates?

T: I knew I had to get closer to the source of this method. I started taking lessons from Nicole. I knew I had a lot to learn and Nicole made it so fun because she is a lifelong student as well. When she asked if I was interested in bridging, I don’t think I let her finish the whole sentence before I said yes. In fact, every teacher connected to Strong Body Pilates has been supportive and wonderful.

K: What do you think makes a good teacher?

T: I think you have to be present with your client. You have to have good eyes and good ears. You have to be willing to learn from your clients in order to grow as a teacher.

K: How has bridging to classical Pilates helped shape you as a teacher?

T: I am such a different teacher than I was a year ago. I have both the confidence in my knowledge of this system and the curiosity to keep exploring. I have found I am more effective if I talk less and listen more, and to be able witness the impact of this work in my clients is everything!

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