Teacher Training



Set Yourself Apart — Become a Highly Skilled Pilates Teacher

Three Teachers

Strong Body Pilates and Westwood Pilates run the Pilates DNA Teacher Certification Program. You’ll find no other program that fully transitions candidates into highly skilled Pilates teachers. Program founders Daniela Escobar, Nicole Briggs and Keion Moradi Means studied extensively under first generation mentor, Jay Grimes, who has been teaching for over 50 years and learned directly from Joseph Pilates. Jay Grimes’ teaching style is as pure as you can get. It’s Pilates, the way it was meant to be taught.

Learn the Pilates System and How to Teach It

The Pilates DNA philosophy is simple: Pilates is a complete system, not just an exercise list. When taught correctly, this method has the power to change bodies. Our program will take you beyond the typical training environment and sets a proper foundation, with everything you need to succeed. Learn from the best teachers on the best apparatus, teaching the only style of Pilates there really is — Joseph’s Pilates.