New Clients

Before my first visit to Strong Body I had never done Pilates, but Keion and Nicole were super friendly, helpful and welcoming. Now I go every week and don’t know what I did without Pilates! Alex C.

Make the change you want through Pilates.

Our studio is here to make that happen, whether your friend referred you or you need a place to progress post physical therapy.

some people we have helped:

  • Clients regain strength and mobility after surgery and prepare for surgery by strengthening prior for faster, easier recovery
  • Athletes improve their game by increasing stamina and decrease pain
  • People relieve stress and gain self confidence with our safe and encouraging style
  • Aging persons able to pick up grandchildren, delay use of aids like wheelchairs, and have energy to meet friends in weekly social groups

New Client Special = 3 Private lessons @ $260 


During this series your teacher will create a strong foundation in which to build upon.

The closer in time the lessons are booked the better the results. This series should be completed within a 2-week period.


Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to you first lesson time to allow ample time to finish registration. Wear comfortable clothing and not too baggy, for safety.


After your introductory series check out the options below.

Private Lessons

Continue your journey in one-to-one lessons.


Because Pilates is a lifestyle that will keep you body and mind healthy and able to bounce back quickly from whatever enters its path, the best results come from consistent practice.

We recommend Pilates 2 – 4x/week.


 Take it to the next level.


Our classes are unique, modeled after the way Joe Pilates ran his studio: addressing individual needs, not the needs of the least abled body. Classes are small to allow progress on goals.  Students have access to all the apparatus, for a more robust experience. Invitation to class comes once the teacher sees the student is ready for this level of commitment.

We recommend at least 2x/week.


Fast Track To Class

Need just a little extra?


Create a bridge to build a more enhanced program or gain confidence to join classes. The Fast Track to Classes = 2 Privates + 3 Classes = $275.


To purchase this series get in touch: