Joseph Pilates called his method Contrology (the mind controls the body), and he called the movements corrective exercises. Many people live life with imbalances that can cause pain, weakness, stiffness, disease, low energy, and a multitude of other issues. Our aim at Strong Body Pilates is to balance out the body through Contrology. We do this via the exercises developed by Joe Pilates using the highest quality apparatus, built for Joe by Gratz. Other benefits of Pilates include: improved balance, coordination, sense of self-awareness, improved confidence, and so much more!



Work out on your own or with a friend. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Privates required prior to apparatus class attendance. Click the icon above for more info, or schedule now.


Small group classes, for individualized attention. Privates required prior to apparatus class attendance. Click the icon above for more info, or schedule now.

Teacher Training

Learn to teach this amazing method. Orientation for the Spring program is Sunday, April 2, 2017. Click here to attend. Click icon above for more information or visit our Teacher Training Page here.

Yamuna Body Rolling

A small-ball therapy that applies traction to free connective tissue and re-educate muscles, to fully release and de-code negative holding patterns. Monthly workshops and Yamuna certification courses are hosted at Strong Body Pilates. Click here for the monthly workshop schedule and here for certification information.


All services are priced per person and expire 6 months after purchase. Privates are required before apparatus attendance. Internet privates available at the same rate as privates.

  • Privates w/Staff

    • Intro series of 3 privates $180
    • 1 Private $80
    • 6 Privates $456
    • 12 Privates $864
    • 18 Privates $1224
  • Privates w/Nicole

    • Intro series of 3 privates $195
    • 1 Private $90
    • 6 Privates $510
    • 12 Privates $960
    • 18 Privates $1350
  • Duets w/Staff

    • Intro Duet $40
    • 1 Duet $50
    • 6 Duets $285
    • 12 Duets $540
    • 18 Duets $765
  • Duets w/Nicole

    • Intro Duet w/Nicole $50
    • 1 Duet $60
    • 6 Duets $330
    • 12 Duets $600
    • 18 Duets $810
  • Mat Class

    • Intro Class $20
    • 1 Class $25
    • 6 Classes $138
    • 12 Classes $240
    • 18 Classes $324
  • Apparatus Class

    • Intro $25
    • 1 Apparatus $35
    • 6 Classes $199.50
    • 12 Classes $378
    • 18 Classes $535.50


  • I have been working with Nicole for 10 years and has saved my life. I had back problems for many years and tried physical therapy, walking, riding my bike and walking a dog twice a day. I was having more pain doing less physically. When I met Nicole I could barely sit up on the Reformer and had no strength. I felt an immediate response and I got better as time went on. I had back surgery in 2016 and work with Nicole 2x/week. She is the best! She understands the body, how to modify and fit to the individual, for maximum results. She is professional, focuses on each person that she teaches, and gives a complete workout. Pilates has sustained my interest, enthusiasm and is very therapeutic after all of these years, even at the ripe age of 82.

    Barbara K.

  • Nicole is amazing. It’s not about only having the knowledge, but knowing to teach you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. She has that skill!

    Marconi T.

  • I have been a regular student at Strong Body Pilates since June 2015. My experience with Nicole and my current instructor Roderick has been fabulous. I have noticed wonderful changes, both physical and mental. Nicole was my initial instructor and motivated me to push forward with three weekly sessions with Roderick, who showed me what my body is capable of. The studio is pristine, the staff professional, and I have been injury-free the entire year. I am committed to continuing the practice of Pilates as the basis of my overall health regimen!

    Julie G.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are 2nd generation from Joseph Pilates, to pass on the intentions, exercises, and best use of the apparatus for your body.

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Nicole Briggs

Owner / Teacher

Nicole focuses on balancing the body to be aligned, strong, and flexible. She uses the amazing apparatus Joseph Pilates developed to give what the body in front of her needs. Nicole is a graduate of The Work, a world renowned Masters program, led by Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. Jay, who brings more than 50 years of experience, is considered a 1st generation teacher because he was trained by Joe Pilates himself. Nicole is on staff at Vintage Pilates, where she works and still trains as a student, to further her knowledge of the method, to bring the best to her clients. Read more on Nicole's qualifications and history.

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Keion Moradi


Keion Moradi Means discovered Pilates in 2004, as a long-distance runner, looking to prevent injury and improve strength and flexibility. She also practiced Pilates through two pregnancies. Keion is passionate about continuing her education, always working to sharpen her understanding of the method, the body, and movement, in order to help her clients reach their goals. She was selected to participate in the 2017 class of The Work, an intensive program of study for seasoned instructors, directed by first generation teacher Jay Grimes, of Vintage Pilates. Read more on Keion's qualifications and history.

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