Studio Reopening Info

Page updated July 1, 2020.
Here’s what we have done to prepare the studio and a little of what to expect. This list is not exhaustive and subject to change as new protocols arise.
  • We deep cleaned the studio. All disinfectants used have been approved by the EPA and are recommended for killing the Covid-19 virus. Deep cleaning included: Dusting, vacuuming, mopping with disinfectant (contains hydrogen peroxide), and replaced HVAC air filter that catches viruses. Bathroom was cleaned and disinfected with bleach solution. All surfaces and touchable areas / items in the studio (door handles, light switches, pens, etc.) have been disinfected with alcohol (at least 70% isopropyl alcohol) or disinfecting bleach wipes. Mirrors and glass have been disinfected with an alcohol or ammonia based cleaner. Pilates apparatus was cleaned with antibacterial soap, then disinfected with an ammonia based cleaner. 
  • We added a clear barrier at the front desk so those who enter will be shielded from any person at the desk. Additional personal barriers have been purchased for optional use while exercising. These include plastic film sheets that cover porous and semi-porous items not as easy to clean as hard or smooth surfaces. The plastic film may cover wooden handles and canvas straps. Please alert staff before your scheduled time, to allow some preparation to include personal barriers. You can purchase your own straps or handles at Clean socks may be worn and should be washed after use. We have a small supply of ToeSox for sale at the studio. If going bare foot, wipe feet after taking shoes off.
  • Clients will sign a Covid-19 release before entering the studio, temperature will be checked and a list of symptoms will be reviewed.
  • We have arranged the studio into two main areas. These areas act as mini-studios, one across the room from the other. This is to allow each person to work out and move between apparatus while maintaining physical distancing from the teachers, who will be at least six feet away. Private lessons will be the only allowable in-studio service until at least the end of June and will be cut down 5 minutes, to 50 minutes, to allow cleaning / disinfecting between clients. A third area may be configured as we increase capacity.
  • Towels are currently discontinued in-studio. You may bring your own sweat towel.
  • Classes will remain virtual, until at least the end of June.
  • Signs are posted at the entrance of the studio and inside where appropriate, to inform you of safe practices and how to follow protocols (such as hand washing). 
  • We marked outside areas to wait safely, before entering. 
  • A face covering / mask must be worn at all times. Our air conditioning will be on with the door and windows open, to allow fresh air.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will occur throughout the day, with time between each workout to allow thoroughness. 
  • All purchases made before closure have been extended three months, to reflect our time away. We understand not everyone will feel comfortable returning right away and / or may have suffered a financial loss. We will work with everyone on a case-by-case basis to allow use of their credit.
  • County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Order of the Health Officer’s required Reopening Protocol for Gyms and Fitness Establishments will be posted at the front of the business. Here is a link to the protocols.