Pilates DNA Teacher Certification Bridge Program

The Pilates DNA teacher certification bridge program was born out of the need for more reputable and robust education options and to particularly bridge the gap of knowledge that Pilates is a system — not just a list of exercises. Pilates teachers need better preparation. Admission and graduation rates should correspond with merit; not money. We, the program founders, are dedicated to teaching the traditional, authentic work of Joseph Pilates, and we intend to impart this upon our trainees.

Our teacher training program highlights the importance of concrete, hands-on and experiential training. Our students thrive in a small group setting and the environment is equal parts rigorous and enriching.


Admission into the Pilates DNA teacher training program is highly selective and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Candidates are assessed on their current understanding of the Pilates method, ability to commit to the training schedule and physical activity (cleared for exercise and intermediate level of Pilates practice).

In order to apply, submit an application to Westwood Pilates or Strong Body Pilates. Prospective students will need to complete an evaluation with a senior teacher from Strong Body Pilates or Westwood Pilates. The evaluation consists of executing exercises on this list, completed within 55 minutes, followed by a 5 – 30 minute interview. Cost is $145. Please contact either studio for assistance navigating the application and enrollment process.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS, 500 hours (100 core, 400 other):

Item TypeHours Per Item
Module Workshops60
Private Lessons4
Teaching Skills Workshop2 & 1/2
Anatomy & Movement Workshop2 & 1/2
Pushes, Pulls & Spotting Workshop3
Practical Tests12

The remaining 400 hours to complete include observation, self practice and practice teaching. You will meet with a senior teacher before the start of the program to discuss which areas need the most attention. Throughout the program, the hours may be shifted to focus on one area more than another, for a fully rounded education.

Click here for the guidebook of detailed program elements and student expectations. Workshops will be split between the two studios. Most hours will be at the students’ choice of home studio (the one that is the most convenient to student) and a portion of hours will be completed at the other studio.


$4200. Click here for module pricing.

Payment for the each module is due no later than one week prior to scheduled workshop weekend.


The first module workshops begin Friday, January 24, 2020. See the full schedule.

The ideal number of hours per module is listed in the module pricing. We understand that jobs, family and other activities are important. All program hours must be completed within two years of enrollment.

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICYIf your doctor deems you disabled (doctor’s note required), you will be refunded cost paid, minus materials, program administrative costs, studio maintenance cost and program services rendered, plus a $100 administrative fee.

In case of medical leave (doctor’s note required), you will be allowed to postpone your participation in the program to the next scheduled program, for a $100 administrative fee.