Pre-recorded virtual workshops for sale, covering bite-sized topics

Purchase to view November 20 starting at 8:15 am, PST to 8:15 pm on November 22, PST. Link sent via email after purchase.

Single workshop cost: $35, see below for each topic, or buy all four for $130


Beginning, Middle, & End

This workshop takes attendees through the beginning, middle, and end of exercises, series of exercises, and how to apply to a work out. Connection and flow are greatly improved in this workshop.

Beginning, Middle, & End – Part 2: Client Focus

This workshop revisited the previous workshop about moving through exercises, series of exercises, and the workout while keeping the integrity of the beginning, middle, and end of the of each part. Adding spinal placement and its movement had a huge effect in this exploration.

At Home Pushes & Pulls

Need home tips or a refresher on Pushes & Pulls techniques so when you can get back to the studio you are ready? Watch and learn how-to in this pre-recorded mini workshop.

Back Body

Live: November 15 on Zoom at 9:00 – 10:00 am PST. Buy here and receive meeting info. To view November 20 – 22, click button below description.

The back of your body is a huge part of you. In this mini workshop you will find ways to discover how to access the back of the body and how to integrate it into your Pilates practice and all other movements.