Client Feature — Paula Higgins

We each have an interesting backstory about how we discovered Pilates and what motivates us to continue our practice. Sharing those stories can be inspiring, powerful and help us find new ways to connect as a community. Meet Paula Higgins. She started taking classes at Strong Body back in 2019 — she even stuck with it through those lockdowns! Paula is a treasured member of our Pilates family — we hope you enjoy this little Q & A!

How did you learn about Pilates and what made you start taking classes?  

My friend Teresa is an instructor and she invited me to take a class.

Why do you choose to do your workouts at Strong Body Pilates?  

I like the instructors and their attitudes. They’re positive and fun, and they can help find a workaround for any injuries or issues you have.

What is your most challenging exercise and why?  

Teaser.  With so many variations, it will never not be challenging.

Which Pilates apparatus do you like working with most and why?  

I like working on the Cadillac, I feel like it helps me center my core best.

What advice do you have for someone interested in starting Pilates?  

You’ll feel better.  All the exercises are easily adapted for whatever level you’re working at. If I could start doing Pilates in my 60s, overweight and out of shape, you can start at whatever shape you’re in right now.