Client Feature: Emily Chun

stomach massage

Client Emily Chun working her Stomach Massage series on the Reformer.

Emily found us in January of 2022, and I have to say, the cosmos must’ve been perfectly aligned that day because our first encounter was like … destiny. She’s an integral part of what makes our group class dynamic so enjoyable. She’s also a pleasure to teach! Let Emily’s Q&A serve as a window of what’s possible with the method in supporting one’s post-rehabilitative journey and return to vitality. 

What got you interested in Pilates?

I was aware of Pilates as a form of exercise, seemed like something I’d like but was intimidated to try. For some time I had been finding other forms of exercise too harsh on my body and mind. I wouldn’t stay dedicated to anything for too long.

After having back surgery in Fall of 2021 Pilates was a part of my post surgery physical therapy. Simple work on the Cadillac and adjusted Reformer. I loved how strong it made me feel. I asked my physical therapist if there were any studios where I could continue doing Pilates. She recommended Nicole and Strong Body Pilates. That was January 2022. After a few private classes with both Nicole and Keion, I’ve been continuing my practice doing group classes 3-4 days a week ever since. I feel I finally found an exercise I’m excited about and dedicated to. 

Why do you choose to do your workouts at Strong Body Pilates?  

I chose to do my workouts at Strong Body Pilates because of a few things. First, the welcoming, warm and clean environment. All the people, Nicole, Keion and Teresa as well as those who come to workout. The instructors are well educated and professional. They create a space for you to feel comfortable to challenge yourself to learn, grow and laugh! Second, the practice of official Contrology, which is important to me. Third, the availability of classes. Doing solo sessions, group classes or a focused series are easy and offered at great times and virtually!

What is your most challenging exercise and why?  

My most challenging exercise changes often. Right now I’d say the Saw in my Mat series. I also just incorporated the Spine Corrector into my routine which is fun. I get happy when I expand my exercises and learn to use and strengthen my body in new ways.

Which Pilates apparatus do you like working with most and why?  

My most favorite Pilates apparatus to work with right now is the Ladder Barrel. The few movements I have on it really open up my hips and elongate my spine. After using it I feel my body is reset.

What advice do you have for someone interested in starting Pilates?  

My advice for someone interested in starting Pilates, put one foot on the reformer, then the other. Try it once. One time, then read about Joseph Pilates and Contrology. Google what professionals incorporate Pilates into their life. Start there and come to Strong Body Pilates to move forward!