Client Feature: Emily Berry

Curious about the cumulative benefits of Pilates? Just ask actor, Emily Berry. Emily has maintained a regular practice at Strong Body since 2019 and is a living example that Pilates works when you know how to work it. She’s a joy to teach, quick to put a smile on your face, and has some great insight on using Pilates to stay fit, functional, and injury-free. We hope you find Emily’s Q & A as inspiring as we do!

How did you learn about Pilates and what made you start taking classes?  

I was struggling with lower back problems after spinal fusion surgery.  My physical therapist suggested Pilates.  It turns out Nicole was a former employee of the physical therapy facility who had transitioned to teaching pilates!  I knew she and other instructors would be familiar with my injury and how to help me work towards making my body strong, despite the strength deficit. It was an no-brainer to give it a try.

Why do you choose to do your workouts at Strong Body Pilates?   

The staff makes me feel like they are very invested in my experience/practice there.  They really care about my progress, and now that I’ve been going here so long, I consider them friends.  I also like the studio space, the location, and most definitely the other clients who I’ve met there in group classes.

What is your most challenging exercise and why?  

The foot corrector.  Although the benefits AFTER are great, it still feels very awkward every time I do it!

Which Pilates apparatus do you like working with most and why? 

Right now I have a crush on the cadillac.  It keeps me honest  as far as my back connection and I love learning new exercises on it.  I also love the mat/wall sequences because whenever I have back tension, it seems to really help right away.  (Plus you can do those two almost anywhere!)

What advice do you have for someone interested in starting Pilates?  

Nothing happens overnight.  It’s a practice.  Our bodies have strength/deficit quirks from day to day.  It’s nice to know that even though you may not feel as strong one day as you may have the previous session, that’s ok.  Your body will thank you for meeting it where it’s at as you navigate each session.