Teacher Training

Contact the studio for the 2019 Group Teacher Training class.  Mentorships available.

An in-depth program that teaches the original/classical method, as passed down from 1st generation teacher, Jay Grimes. Our program offers small class size for better skill development and more individualized attention. At the end of the program, you will:

  • Understand how to work with the body in front of you to bring it into balance through strength, stretch, control, flow, coordination, and teaching techniques.
  • Learn to work with different body types and injuries.
  • Learn fundamentals through challenging and gymnastic on the Pilates apparatus:  The Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Mat, Barrels, Arm Chair, Pedi-pole, Magic Circle, Free Weights, Push Up Device, Foot Corrector, Breath-a-cizer, Neck Stretcher, Bean Bag, Box and Wall, Airplane Board, and Toe Exerciser.

Program is a minimum of 10 months, 600 hours, and Includes:

– 4 Main Workshop Weekends (2 days each), 6.5 hours each day*

– 4 Review sessions, 2 hours each

– 4 Proctored open practice sessions, 1 hour each

– Advanced Spotting Techniques Workshop, 2 hours

– 5 Private sessions, 1 hour each

– Live Case Studies Workshop, 3 hours

– 225 Practice teaching hours

– 175 Self practice hours to gain understanding of each exercise within your body

– 100 Observation hours of experienced Pilates instructors

– 8 Evaluation sessions, 1 hour each

– Anatomy and Movement Workshop, 3 hours

– The Business of Pilates Workshop, 2 hours

– 4 Practical Tests, 2 hours each

– 1 Final written exam, 1 hour

– 1 Training Manual with photos, exercises with descriptions and options for different body


– Discounts on private sessions/classes not included in full program

– Paid student teaching option is an additional benefit.

Scheduled program hours are within a 10-month time frame.  All hours and final exam must be completed by 18 months after start date.  See below for descriptions of program content, or click here for a detailed packet. Schedule TBD.

*Plus meal break


– Demonstrate the exercises in this list

– Doctor’s clearance

– Trainers insurance (see Materials/Other Costs section)

Cost: $5500, plus required texts. Payment plan available.


There are 4 main workshop weekends to learn the method. Please notify the head instructor in case of non-attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule additional private sessions (at current student discounted rates) to make up material.

Typical Main Workshop Content:

Weekend 1– Introduction, fundamental exercises, history, objectives of classical Pilates, basic anatomy, posture assessment, injuries and conditions, apparatus set up, goal exercises with alternative options.

Weekend 2– Build on fundamental exercises and learn new challenges and other auxiliary apparatus.

Weekend 3– Advanced and gymnastic exercises.

Weekend 4 – Client specific progressions and super advanced exercises.

Anatomy and Movement Workshop

This workshop teaches a deeper knowledge of anatomy and movement than was covered in the first weekend lecture. Learn how muscles and actions work together for ease of movement and to help choose the proper exercises for a client. A Physical Therapist or Chiropractor may lead this workshop.

Business of Pilates Workshop

Learn what Pilates instructors need in terms of insurance, licenses, certificates, how to market and advertise, how to manage being an independent contractor vs. an employee, and how to deal with difficult clients.

Advanced Spotting Techniques

Joseph Pilates called these techniques “Pushes & Pulls.”  You will practice on each other on how best to guide clients into their movements and stretches on the apparatus and the mat.

Case Studies Workshop

We will take a look at specific volunteer bodies (some with special conditions) and map out what is best for the client.  This workshop will sharpen your eye and give you creative options using the classical Pilates method.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are 55-minute each and scheduled with the head instructor, according to your schedule. The instructor will teach you what is needed for your body, but you may request to work on specific program material, as a private review. Additional private sessions may be purchased/scheduled at the current student discounted rates. Privates in addition to those included in the program) and classes taken at Strong Body Pilates count as half a self-practice hour.


Students practice exercises with the head instructor and/or assistant instructor(s), in a small group setting to clear up questions or confusion about exercises, concepts, apparatus, conditions, practice bodies, spotting techniques, etc. If you are unable to attend any reviews, you have the option to schedule an additional 55-minute private session with the head instructor. Regular student rates for private sessions apply.

Open Practice

Open practice is a place to work on yourself or a practice/test body in a proctored session. The instructor observes the group and gives feedback.

Practice Teaching

Teach the exercises on real bodies to understand how to verbalize movements, spot clients, and gain tools for a flowing session. Practice bodies may come to open practice for feedback (see Open Practice section).

Evaluation Sessions

Pre-scheduled sessions with the head instructor, according to your schedule. These sessions are with your practice or test body. The head instructor is evaluating you teach and will give you notes on exercises, tips on teaching, or advice on how to work with certain body types/conditions.

Self Practice

This is a time to do self workouts to understand the exercises in your own body, learn how to set up apparatus on your own, and remember exercise repertoire.


Observe experienced instructors teach on:

– Specific exercises/apparatus

– How instructors alter exercises for certain conditions

– How instructors verbalize instructions

– How instructors use touch as a way to communicate

– Tone/inflection of instructor

– Rhythm of movement

– How instructor works with difficult personalities

– Does the instructor give homework?

– Does the instructor teach clients how to use Pilates in every day life?


There are 2 practical tests per section, 1 hour practical each test, in the Strong Body Pilates Teacher Training Program. Choose a practice body for your test, who will be able to perform all exercises properly, follows your instruction on the apparatus, and attends each test. There is a 1 hour final written test. Passing score for each test = 85%.

Materials/Other Costs


– Your Health, by Joseph Pilates. Reprint 2011. Amazon from $4 (Kindle, approximately $16 and up for paperback).

Return to Life Through Contrology, by Joseph Pilates and William Miller. Reprint 2011. Amazon from $5 (Kindle, approximately $16 and up for paperback).

Concise Book of Muscles, by Chris Jarmey, 2nd or 3rd edition. Amazon from $23 (Kindle, approximately $23 and up for paperback).

Strong Body Pilates Classical Pilates Training Manual (included in the program). There is a $150 replacement fee.

Optional: The Anatomy Coloring Book, by Elson & Kapit. Reprint 2013. Amazon from $10.

Other Media (optional):

Classical Pilates Technique: The Studio Equipment Series, The Complete Mat Workout Series, The Complete Magic Circle Mat Series & Reformer Mat Workout, The Complete Universal Reformer Series DVDs (from classicalpilates.net)

www.pilatesology.com subscription service, free 10-day trial, then $19/month or $149/year.

Visible Body (Online anatomy application – optional)


You must purchase fitness insurance by the first lecture date. We have a history with K & K Insurance, but you can sign up with any reputable company and run anywhere from ~$230/year. You must purchase the minimum of $1,000.000 limit of liability plan and add Strong Body Pilates as an additional insured.

K & K Insurance

Idea Fit

Sports & Fitness Corporation

Paid Student Teaching

Once approved by the head instructor, students will work with the general population in a normal studio environment. A great way for clients who are new to Pilates to get an inexpensive private session. Clients learn fundamentals from the teacher trainee at a discounted rate. A great way to start to gain regular clientele.


Includes all the components of the regular teacher training program, but worked one-on-one with Nicole Briggs.  Duration is 12-18 months. Cost: $8000 and schedule is flexible, worked out between the student and Nicole.

Questions: info@strongbodypilates.com, 818.510.0827