Teacher Training Assessment List

Strong Body Pilates Teacher Training Requirements – 2017/2018

Must know this order and show an understanding, in movement, of the following exercises, via a private session with Nicole Briggs:

Foot Work: Toes, Arches, Heels, Tendon StretchThe Hundred
Roll Up
Long Box: Back Stroke, TeaserRoll Over
Long Stretches : Long, Down, ElephantLeg Circles
Stomach Massage Series: Round, Hands Back, Reaching, TwistRolling Like a Ball
Short Box : Round, Flat, Side, Twist, TreeSingle Leg Pull
Short Spine Double Leg Pull
Chest ExpansionSingle Straight Leg Pull
Thigh StretchDouble Straight Leg Pull
Knee Stretches: Round, Arched, Knees OffCriss Cross
RunningSpine Stretch Forward
Pelvic LiftOpen Leg Rocker
Single Leg Kicks
Side Kicks: Front/Back, Up/Down, Big Circles
Push Ups