Sessions/classes are 55 minutes, scheduled by appointment only, and may have entrance requirements. Check with the studio if you have any questions.

Private Session:   A One-on-one session. Your instructor takes you through many exercises according to what your body needs. Exercises are done on the apparatus and the mat.

Duet Session:   A semi-private session (two people). Some Pilates experience is necessary, unless both partners are beginners.

Apparatus Class:  A small group class where students spend a large portion on the Reformer. But, because Pilates is a system, the class also works on the mat and other apparatus, to address what each person needs. Private sessions required prior to attending classes, or instructor approval.

Apprentice Private:  Teacher-in-training, with hundreds of hours of teaching, self-practice, observation and group workshops, to learn the method and what works best for their student. Apprentice private is best for new students, but anyone is welcome.