Our Teachers

Nicole Briggs, cont,: 

Nicole focuses on balancing the body to be aligned, strong, and flexible.  She uses the amazing apparatus Joseph Pilates developed to give what the body in front of her needs.  Nicole is a graduate of The Work, a world renowned Masters program, led by Jay Grimes, at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. Jay, who brings more than 50 years of experience, is considered a 1st generation teacher because he was trained by Joe Pilates himself. Nicole is on staff at Vintage Pilates, where she works and still trains as a student, to further her knowledge of the method, to bring the best to her clients.Currently (and before The Work), Nicole enhances her knowledge of the method by taking lessons and workshops from Jay Grimes, Sandy Shimoda, Karen Frishmann, Kathi Ross-Nash, Alissa Wyatt, Andrea Maida, Brett Howard, MeJo Wiggins, to name a few. Nicole is on staff at Vintage Pilates, and between both studios, work on Gratz (the premiere company, hired by Joe, that has been building the apparatus to his specs, to get the most out of the work).

Before Nicole opened her studio in 2011, she taught at several Pilates studios in Los Angeles, worked with patients at a Physical Therapy clinic as an aide and Pilates teacher, taught dance in California and the Washington. D.C. area, and coached girls’ competitive gymnastics in the D.C. Area (where she was born).

Nicole was originally certified in 2005 by 2nd generation instructor, Jill Cassady (who trained with the late Romana Kryzanowska, another 1st generation teacher). Nicole was an assistant instructor for 4 years in Jill’s program, now called Pilates Technique Certification, Inc.

She started taking Pilates in 2002, as a gift from her boss at a Chiropractic office, in San Francisco. It was the best gift! Nicole had daily low back pain, a week center, and “cheated” at her posture. Today Nicole is in the best shape of her life, with no pain and better alignment.

Nicole holds a B.A. in Dance from UC Irvine, and she studied Kinesiology in the M.S. program at Cal State, Northridge.

Nicole is a Certified Weight Loss Specialist through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and was a personal trainer through NASM.

Keion Moradi, cont.,

Keion Moradi PhotoKeion Moradi Means embodies inspiration, levelheadedness, knowledge—and perhaps even a bit of levity—to share the Pilates method with others. She discovered Pilates in 2004, as a long-distance runner looking to prevent injury and in 2010 started training to become a teacher. She is a graduate of THE WORK™, a rigorous and highly exclusive continuing education program for seasoned Pilates teachers, led by program director and first generation teacher Jay Grimes, and Sandy Shimoda, owner of world-renown Vintage Pilates. In 2017, Keion also joined the illustrious teaching staff at Vintage Pilates and continues her own practice and teacher education under the guidance of both Jay and Sandy.  Keion’s appreciation for Pilates as intelligent corrective exercise continues to intensify in line with her ever-growing understanding of the method, the body and movement. To this day, she remains agile, injury-free and capable of running circles alongside her two young children. She believes Pilates can benefit anyone and works to empower a wide range of students, from athletes to those who simply wish to move through life without pain, beginners and advanced practitioners. She also loves helping other Pilates teachers deepen their own understanding of the work.
Keion completed her original teacher certification through Sheppard Method Pilates in Los Angeles. She is also a member of the Authentic Pilates Union and holds the PMA-CPT® designation from the Pilates Method Alliance.

Teresa Brown, cont.,

Teresa Bio PicTeresa walked into her first Pilates studio 7 years ago and was thrilled by the many positive changes Pilates made in her life. She never felt stronger, more centered, and knew she wanted to share this with others. Teresa thinks making your body stronger is serious work but that it should be fun as well. When you work with Teresa, she promises some sweating, maybe laughing, but most importantly that you will leave feeling great. She loves working with the very beginner, those who have fallen off the fitness wagon, and athletes as well.

Teresa received her first Pilates certification through Pilate-ology and is excited to be continuing her education through the Strong Body Pilates Classical Pilates program.

Teresa is a former professional opera singer, loves music, books, laughter, and good food, especially with friends.